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Every Drill, Skill and Concept Needed to Dominate from the
Game’s Toughest and Most Demanding Position!

This UNRIVALED 90 day program is the most intensive and progressive point guard specific program available today! Develop complete control of the basketball, comfortably break the press and make plays in transition and confidently penetrate the lane and score at will with unguardable moves and counter moves! Included is every drill, skill and concept needed to dominate your opponent from the game’s toughest and most demanding position.

You'll train 5 times per week for 60-90 minutes per session. Every workout is progression based and custom-built using the same intense game speed ‘SUPER SET’ methods we use with our college and professional players. These workouts can be done with or without a partner and performed outside on your driveway, at a local court, or in the gym.

Hyper-Focused Basketball Training

Instead of wasting time casually working on your game or running through pointless or elementary drills and skills that won’t translate to in-game success, we’ll provide you with high intensity, game specific basketball workouts that are designed to give you RELIABLE in-game results!

We've packed TONS of point guard specific reps into this powerful yet efficient and functional 12 week program. No more casual or pointless basketball training! Come prepared to work harder than you’ve ever worked before!

Here’s What The Program Looks Like:

5 Fast Paced Progression Based ‘SUPER SET’ Workouts.
You’ll Score More and Handle Better. GUARANTEED.

You'll watch live, in-gym videos where we walk you through every drill in the program
step by step, so that you can perform the workouts with laser-precision. We’ll not only show
you HOW to perform the drills and skills, we’ll also tell you WHY you need them and
exactly when they will work in games to CRUSH your competition!

  • Workout 1

    Workout 1 focuses on introductory ball handling, finishing, footwork and moving without the ball skills and techniques. Giving you a rock solid foundation to build upon.

  • Workout 2

    This workout focuses on attacking the rim concepts to beat any defender - whether average or ultra athletic. You’ll also get in a ton of game specific shooting reps!

  • Workout 3

    Workout 3 focuses on creating maximum separation from your defender - both to shoot and counter attack. You’ll also get tougher with the ball using two of our favorite toughness drills.

  • Workout 4

    Workout 4 focuses on playing through and beating pressure. Both in full court and half court situations. Scoring using down screens is also emphasized within this workout.

  • Workout 5

    This workout is the toughest in the program. It will challenge your ability to react and be creative on the fly while pushing you to your conditioning limits. Come ready to work!

  • Teaching Secrets Video

    This video will ensure you have the ULTIMATE edge over your opponents. We’ll show you how to be the most effective player on the court using the Stride Stop - the fastest, most efficient way to set your feet to score. We’ll also go through advanced concepts like the Retreat Dribble, Glide Dribble, Standard Euro Step, Tony Parker Euro Step, Steve Nash Floater, Derrick Rose Floater, and MUCH MORE!

  • Printable Workout Logs & Progress Charts

    Every workout is completely laid out for you, from start to finish - with zero guesswork. Just download, hit "print", toss them in your bag, and head to the gym. Progress charts are included too, so you can track and see your improvement - EXPLODING your confidence.

  • Immediate Streaming Access

    With our online streaming option, there are no shipping costs, no anxiously waiting for the mailman, and no missing pieces. Shortly after you place your order, you will have online access to view the entire program (plus all of our members-only bonuses). You can start the program just minutes from now!

More Praise For Pure Intensity Basketball:

  • Working with Pure Intensity Basketball has improved my game. Many of the drills they do I've never seen before. They helped me get ready for my professional career in Poland and did an excellent job preparing me to play at the next level. There's no doubt I've become more of a complete player after working with them.
    Kiara Buford Professional in Polish League
  • Pure Intensity had great drills that challenged me physically and mentally that carried over to games. They helped me secure the starting point guard position at Michigan my senior year. I wish I had Pure Intensity to train me in high school. I’ve recommended them to many others.
    Courtney Douglass Pro in Israeli League
  • These are exactly the kinds of drills young players need in order to excel in the increasingly competitive basketball scene. They are explained and demonstrated in detail for independent use. I look forward to using this program with players in our Primetime Sports program.
    Chris Van Den Berg Director of Boys Basketball - Indiana Primetime Sports
  • This is a great program. The drill progressions make a ton of sense and the workout videos and PDFs are easy to follow. I've been following the program for 2 weeks and have seen dramatic improvement in my ball handling and my footwork is much better already. Thanks.
    Isiah Johnson
  • My basketball skills and abilities have been elevated both mentally and physically since I began working with Pure Intensity Basketball. I'm always pushed to the limit and get better with every single workout.
    Nate Agnew
  • Working out with Pure Intensity has been the best thing I've ever done to improve my game. Their knowledge is off the charts and their enthusiasm is contagious. The drills they use are great too - innovative, but game like.
    Xavier Coleman

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We promise if you follow the program guidelines your ability to handle the ball, finish at the rim and knock down jumpers off the catch and bounce will be taken to a level you’ve never been before! If you bust your tail and are still unsatisfied after 60 days, shoot us an email at, and we’ll give you every penny back. No questions asked.

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  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee