128 Small Sided Games

128 Games with 303 Games Variations to Improve Skill, IQ and Decision Making


This 154 page Small Sided Games Downloadable PDF is a MUST HAVE for any coach serious about improving their player’s skill level, IQ and decision making abilities. The games within this PDF are designed from the exact actions your players will see and are expected to execute in live game play - Actions such as cutting to get open, ball screens, off ball screens, dribble hand offs, transition play and playing off dribble penetration. Utilizing the games within this PDF on a consistent basis will have your players playing faster, smarter and more confident than ever before - GUARANTEED.

The actions inside this PDF are broken down into progressive 1v1, 1v2, 2v1, 2v2, 2v3, 3v2, 3v3, 3v4, 4v3 and 4v4 games to ensure your players can efficiently and effectively execute come game time and make certain they understand how to properly read the defense and make the best decisions to maximize your offensive possessions. Whether your players are handling the ball, setting screens, cutting off a screen, sprinting in transition or playing off the ball, this Small Sided Games Download will help your players make more winning plays!

Here Are The Contents Of Our

128 Small Sided Games PDF:

  • Cutting To Get Open Games:

    L-Cuts, V-Cuts, Post Up Cuts, Stop Cuts, Swim Cuts & Walk to Run Cuts Covered
    - Get open against a pressuring defender without using a screen. Keep your offense flowing using our Cutting to Get Open games.
  • Ball Screen Games:

    Side Ball Screen Dribbler, Screener & Receiver Reads & Reactions Emphasized
    - Ensure a quality shot in fewer passes, reduce turnovers; and force the defense to communicate, rotate and recover properly using our Ball Screen Games.
  • Off Ball Screen Games:

    Down Screens, Back Screens, Away Screens, Flare Screens & Cross Screens Covered
    - Ensure proper curl, pop or flare reads by the cutter and correct slip or pop reads by the screener using our Off Ball Screen Games.
  • Dribble Hand Off Games:

    Hand Offs & Rejections to Drive & Score or Drive & Kick Opportunities Emphasized
    - Similar to a ball screen, get high percentage shots and force the defense to communicate and execute properly using our Dribble Hand Off Games.
  • Transition Games:

    Dribble Ahead, Pass Ahead, Rim Runs & Advantage & Disadvantage Scenarios Covered
    - Get out a run on teams that struggle when the game speeds up. Score more consistently in an up-tempo environment using our Transition Games.
  • Playing Off Penetration Games:

    Multiple Driving Angles Covered with Spacing & Player Movement Emphasized
    - Drive and kick, creating defensive close outs, triggering rotations and forcing scramble situations using our Playing Off Penetration Games.

Here’s A Closer Look Inside Our

128 Small Sided Games PDF:

Cutting To Get Open Games:

- 6 Games

Ball Screen Games:

- 32 Games with 67 Game Variations

Off Ball Screen Games:

- 25 Games with 64 Game Variations

Dribble Hand Off Games:

- 8 Games with 19 Game Variations

Transition Games:

- 7 Games with 27 Game Variations

Playing Off Penetration Games:

- 50 Games with 120 Game Variations

Why You NEED Our

128 Small Sided Games PDF:

Here Are 8 Reasons This PDF Will Be A Valuable Asset To Your Team Or Program:

  1. 1) More Reps, More Skill

    When playing Small Sided Games, players will have the ball in their hands more, increasing game like finishing, shooting, passing and playing vs pressure reps. Your players will also get more off the ball screening, cutting and playing off penetration reps. More reps = more skill and faster improvement.

  2. 2) Improved IQ

    Our Small Sided Games PDF will assist your players with their IQ. Players will begin to execute the offensive actions covered within our games more proficiently. They’ll also begin to recognize when to use certain skills in specific competitive situations which will translate to game carry over and success.

  3. 3) Improved Decision Making

    When fewer players are on the court, there will be fewer reads for your players to make. Our Small Sided Games PDF begins each game scenario with 1v1 game variations then progressively builds to 4v4 game variations, allowing players to gradually improve their decision making 1 defender at a time.

  4. 4) More Scoring Chances

    Your players will have more opportunities to score with more space and fewer rotational defenders. Whether players are role players or starters, more scoring opportunities will be created, scoring on primary and secondary defenders will improve, and higher conversion rates will occur using these games.

  5. 5) Improved Spacing

    Poor spacing is one of the biggest issues in the game today. Players will recognize that if they space appropriately within these games, drive to score and drive and kick opportunities will increase dramatically making the game much easier for the offensive unit and much tougher for the defensive unit.

  6. 6) Players Can’t Hide

    When scrimmaging 5v5, it’s easy for players to avoid scenarios they don’t feel comfortable in. When playing Small Sided Games, it’s more difficult for players to avoid these scenarios, forcing them to confront what’s uncomfortable - developing higher skilled and confident players in the long run.

  7. 7) Coach Can Teach In Smaller Parts

    Small Sided Games allow the coach to teach in very specific parts ensuring players fully understand every part of a particular action before adding more players or executing multiple actions consecutively. Teaching in this manner will lead to less confusion and better execution at the 5v5 level.

  8. 8) Forces Defenders To Communicate, Rotate And Execute Correctly

    Small Sided Games aren’t simply offensive based. They’ll force defenders to take ownership and lock down in 1v1 scenarios and communicate, rotate and execute effectively in multi-player scenarios. These games are great opportunities to teach ball screen coverages and proper defensive rotations.

Here’s What A Pro Has To Say:

“Pure Intensity Basketball is an exceptional skills development program. Their attention to detail and passion for the game are second to none. I would highly recommend Pure Intensity to anyone wanting to take their game to the next level.”

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  • - 5x WNBA All-Star
  • - 3x All-WNBA First Team
  • - ‘12 & ’16 Olympic Gold Medalist
  • - First player in WNBA history with 5,000 points, 2,000 assists and 1,500 rebounds

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